Systems, strategies and techniques to win at Baccarat

Baccarat is one of the oldest table games offered in casinos. Unlike other well known games such as BlackJack, there really is no decision making process involved in playing online Baccarat. It is a bit like slots games in that way, as you simply click a button to deal the cards and win or lose according to the outcome. You don't have anything like the options in BlackJack, such as Double Down or Split. You simply make your bet and see the result.

While that takes any element of skill out of the game, it does make it ideal for using strategies and systems with. Any game that has odds close to evens (1:1) can be used for systems.

BlackJack can be quite good for using systems with too, except that the more you play the more likely you are to make mistakes. In order to get close to evens in BJ you need to play optimal strategy, so making mistakes reduces your odds quite a bit. With Baccarat, you simply click the button to deal the cards, and that is all you need to do.

That doesn't mean that using a system is a guaranteed way to make money from gambling. Far from it, in fact. Gambling strategies do not move the odds in your favor one bit.

As the odds of any casino game are in the casinos favor, you will always lose in the long run. The key to using betting systems is, then, to avoid the 'long run'.

There is no trick or system that will turn the odds of the game in your favor.

Where to play

We're getting to that. First, make sure you know how to play. The game is really rather simple to master, though if you are entirely new to it you can play fro free right here. That free game (no download needed, play it right on the page) is also quite useful for testing out various systems and strategies with real hands.

Baccarat Tips

There are a lot of tips that are given out about this game, though many of them seem to be generic and rehashed. We have our own tips for playing Baccarat which are based on actually playing the game for real money, in real casinos. If that is better or worse is for you to say.

Most sites will tell you to always bet on the banker hand, as that has the better odds. We tell you why you shouldn't actually do that. Read our 7 Tips for baccarat Strategy players.

The real history of Baccarat

No, not the same old story you have read countless times already - this is our version of what you really need to know about the game - read our history if you have time to waste.

Strategy tests

We have outlined here the most popular and well known of the various gambling systems can be used with this game. That is all fine in theory. But what about in reality?

We are running tests on all the systems right now, using real live hands dealt from an online casino, to generate realistic runs of cards. All the strategies are being tested to determine which one, if any, will show a profit. We will publish the results when the tests are completed.

It will take a while to get genuine data for the tests, and then apply all the betting techniques to that data to get a result.