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The focus of this site is solely on systems that can be used at the baccarat tables, if not to guarantee a profit, then to skew the odds, however slightly, into your favor.

We don’t make a whole lot of posts on this site, as you can plainly see, but those that we do take the time and effort to make are, we believe, going to be of interest and hopefully of some benefit to the online baccarat player.

Baccarat is a specific type of game – you either love it or you hate it – and for those players that love it we don’t feel the need to introduce any other non related subject here.

For any of the few posts that we have made on here so far you can see a brief outline of them underneath here, with a link to the posts in question.

Any subject that we feel is worth reporting on here will most likely benefit from being done in a longer articel than most normal blog posts, so the posts below will probably all relate to things of only passing interest to our readers, such as some good casino bonus offers, which, while worth knowing about, are temporary and fleeting by their very nature and so will never form a part of the basis of this site.

And of course those things that do form past of the foundation of the site here will deserve to have their own proper article written to cover them in depth.

Think of this more as a short news broadcast, if you will. Stuff that you might like to know but won’t impact you to a great degree, much like the majority of stories you see on the TV news or read on other blogs.

While that may change over time, when there are still so many systems to be investigated, tested and written about, and while there are som many casino reviews of good sites for baccarat players to consider playing at, we don’t see it changing anytime in the near future.

Our limited reporting time is better spent writing about the stuff that matters.

We don’t anticipate any earth-shattering news stories to come up in this specific area of online gambling, but should some such story develop in the future you can be sure that we will use this space to report it in as much detail as we feel is needed.

Finally, and as always, we are open to reporting on stories that you, the reader, feels we should report on. If you have a story in mind that you think warrants some proper coverage on this site, and is related in some way to the obvious subject that we are passionate about, please feel free to let us know and we will most certainly consider it for publication here. Other than that, we will continue with things as they are set up now.

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