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Baccarat System - d'AlembertThe d’Alembert baccarat system is based on a mathematical formula. It’s suggested that the system was invented in France by Jean le Rond d’Alembert. This strategy works in a similar fashion to other ones like the Martingale and the Fibonacci, but unlike the first one, players who follow d’Alembert will enjoy less monetary swings and won’t chase their losses as much.

How does the d’Alembert Baccarat System Work?

The whole system is based on a basic theorem – you increase your bets by 1 unit after each loss and decrease by 1 unit after each win. So in order to start using this system, you’ll only need to determine the amount of money that will be equal to 1 betting unit. I’d suggest that this amount doesn’t exceed 1% of your available funds for playing, as otherwise the risk of ruin will be very high and it’s likely you’ll go broke quickly.

Once you’ve determined your betting unit, it’s time to get into action! Start out by betting 1 unit on the player. Remember, always bet on the player, as it pays out at evens which is good for systems. The only exception to this might be some specific set of rules, which is unlikely, if you are going to play standard Baccarat – Punto Banco.

To make use of this system more clear, check the example below:

Bet 1 Unit and lose
Bet 2 Units and lose
Bet 3 Units and lose
Bet 4 Units and win
Bet 3 Units and win
Bet 2 units and win
Bet 1 unit and lose
Bet 2 units and….

The system goes on until you either have won the amount wanted, you’ve gone broke or just became bored and want to quite. If you win on the first betting round, bet 1 unit again.

As you can see in the image on this page, in a sequence where you have won and lost an equal number of hands (4 wins, 4 losses) using this betting strategy you have come out with a profit. In this sequence, you have won 5 units, whereas had you been flat betting 1 unit each time, in this sequence you would have come out even.

Advantages and Disadvantages


As said in the beginning of this article, d’Alembert features a relatively small amount of monetary swings, compared to other systems or playing without one.

Use of any betting system will help you with an important aspect in gambling – discipline. It doesn’t really what’s the system you are using as it will help you to concentrate on the big picture, instead of a single outcome in a specific hand.

While any system won’t make you a longterm winner, use of a betting system can help you to reach some monetary goals and profits.


While d’Alembert isn’t nearly as swingy as other betting systems, it still means that you are chasing your losses. If you experience a really bad streak, there’s a risk you might go broke, so avoid risking any funds that have some serious importance, or which would change your life in case of loss.

If you are playing in an online casino once a year, you might find that the increase in bet sizing is a relatively small one, it also happens only when you lose. Some players love to get the adrenaline and excitement that comes from playing for high stakes. If you are one of these players, i’d advise another system, such as the Martingale.

Flaw in the d’Alembert Baccarat System

So, where’s the flaw in this system? There is no real flaw, as betting system doesn’t change the house odds in any way. You can use the Martingale, Fibonacci, d’Alembert or any other betting system, but the house will still hold a 1.05% advantage over you.

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